Before Care

The before care is just as important as your aftercare! Prior to coming into your appointment, please ensure the following things:

-Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before your appointment or you WILL bleed

-Please stop taking vitamin E tablets roughly one week before being tattooed

-I can not tattoo you if you are pregnant or breast feeding

-You must be off any sort of acne medication for at least six months

-Please ensure your skin is as healthy as possible when coming to your appointment, that includes not being sunburnt or healing from any other sort of skin treatment such as peels or needling

-You must be over the age of 18

-Try to avoid using retinol around the brow area for two weeks prior to coming in.



Brow tattoo aftercare is pivotal to ensuring the ink heals in the skin evenly, and most importantly to prevent infection.
Please adhere to the following instructions to achieve the best results
-You need to keep your brow tattoo as dry as possible for two weeks, or until all the scabs have fallen off naturally, this includes avoiding sweating, hot steamy showers, and washing your full face.
-You do NOT need to apply any creams to the tattoo
The brows WILL scab, this is normal, please do not pick or try to remove the scabs during this phase
-The brows will appear much darker and intense on the day of the tattoo, they will stay this dark until the scabs fall off
-When the scabs have fallen off around week two, they WILL look patchy and faded, they will continue to get darker over the next two weeks.
-By week four they will be fully healed, and you may book in your pre paid touch up.
-After this touch up, you only need to get a touch up once a year for maintenance
-To maintain the colour of your brow tattoo please avoid sun exposure, the solarium, skin peels on top of the tattoo, or retinol/glycolic acids